Transparent Collective is a non-profit helping Black, Latinx, and female founders access the growth resources and connections they need to build successful tech companies.


Transparent Collective’s mission is threefold:

  1. Prepare underrepresented founders for fundraising.  

  2. Connect investors to high-caliber entrepreneurs.

  3. Build an ecosystem where underrepresented entrepreneurs flourish.

How We Do It:

In our third year, Transparent Collective is actively achieving this mission and has already improved the outcome of 33 minority founders. We do this through:

  • Our bi-annual 4-day startup programs

  • Monthly founder education workshops

  • Corporate partnerships and credits

  • Community mentorship and advising

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What Our Founders Are Saying

I learned a lot in preparing my pitch — loved the support from Hiten, Andrea, and James around storytelling — and really appreciated the low pressure and supportive environment. But above all, I love the network. You guys attract awesome people, and there was a true feeling of camaraderie and helpfulness that is not always felt in these types of events. The companies, panelists, and audience were of extremely high caliber, and it is a network I feel lucky to now be apart of!
— Amber Wason, Riide

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