Transparent Collective is a non-profit helping founders of color and female founders access resources and connections to build successful tech startups.


Transparent Collective’s mission is threefold:

  1. Prepare underrepresented founders for fundraising.  

  2. Connect investors to high-caliber entrepreneurs.

  3. Build an ecosystem where underrepresented entrepreneurs flourish.

How We Do It:

In our third year, Transparent Collective is actively achieving this mission and has already improved the outcome of 33 minority founders. We do this through:

  • Our bi-annual 4-day startup programs

  • Monthly founder education workshops

  • Corporate partnerships and credits

  • Community mentorship and advising

As a non-profit, Transparent Collective does not take any money or equity from our founders when they join our program. We are a collective of underrepresented founders lifting one another up, sharing resources, and building connections that create an ecosystem of more successful minority founders!

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What Our Founders Are Saying

(Quotes were submitted anonymously and do not correspond to the TC founders pictured)

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