Transparent Collective is nonprofit focused on providing guidance to the next generation of entrepreneurs


Impact Diversity

We are building something that is unique for Silicon Valley, a celebration of the underrepresented founder. Our goal is simple: connect progressive investors with amazing women and minority entrepreneurs that lack access to Silicon Valley resources. 

Our collective is a network of seasoned founders, investors, and mentors working together to help the next batch of remarkable founders from all over the United States. 

I learned a lot in preparing my pitch — loved the support from Hiten, Andrea, and James around storytelling — and really appreciated the low pressure and supportive environment. But above all, I love the network. You guys attract awesome people, and there was a true feeling of camaraderie and helpfulness that is not always felt in these types of events. The companies, panelists, and audience were of extremely high caliber, and it is a network I feel lucky to now be apart of!
— Amber Wason, Riide