Transparent Collective Portfolio Companies

Transparent Collective sources high-caliber, early-stage Black, Latinx, and female founders from across the country through our network of startup communities. We select startups based on a rigorous criteria that evaluates the company’s idea, technology, traction, and TC fit.

TC Founder Demographics to Date

  • 54% female founders

  • 70% black founders

  • 8% latinx founders

  • 56% founders outside of California

TC Founder Success to Date

  • 33 founders over the past 3 years

  • 11 founders have closed early financing rounds

  • $25M + has been raised by our founders

  • 4 founders were accepted to top accelerators (Y Combinator, 500 Startups, Techstars, and LAUNCH)

  • 16 founders got top accelerator interviews


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